Corporate Communications

Content that makes communication a breeze for corporate teams.

Google Trends

Fresh, relevant and local Google trends content in a dynamic, animated display

Twitter Trends

Fresh, relevant and local Twitter trends content in a dynamic, animated display

Flight Board

Real time flight information for any airport in the world.

Top News-in-Pictures

Public-friendly, full-screen U.S. news with headline written for digital signage.

Financial Data

XML or JSON feed of delayed market data with all rights cleared.

Financial Graphics

Follow the market and top companies through beautiful graphics.

Local Traffic

Current conditions of local routes and maps

Weather Graphics

Beautiful graphics available worldwide in multiple styles and languages

Weather Data

Weather data available in XML or JSON worldwide

Reuters News 3-Pak

Daily news including entertainment, sports, and national in many languages.

Reuters Business News Videos

The day's freshest business stories from around the world covered by one of the most reputable sources in the marketplace, Reuters.

Customer Service Tips

Pieces of service-minded wisdom with eye-catching graphics

Safety Tips

Promote employee safety with these quick tips inspired by OSHA.

Sports Central

Localized sports graphics that always deliver the most relevant sports content everyday.

Reuters Tech News

Daily news about the internet, technology, and science.

Social Apps

Tap into social media to engage, and interact with your audience.


Quotes and interesting numbers that make you stop and think

Weather Radar Map

Current weather radar for national map image for localized region in the US or Canada.


Automated emergency notification to keep your audience safe.

AP News 3-Pak

Latest entertainment, sports, and top news from the Associated Press.

Reuters Business News

Latest business news in multiple languages for 12 regions worldwide.

Content Pass

Weather, News, Infotainment, Business, Sports, and Health Mega-Bundle

Keep Your Team Up-To-Date

There’s a lot of information that’s helpful to keep your team in the loop. Whether they need to see the daily news, fresh financial data, flight and travel information, weather, or safety and inspiration tips, you can find it all here to enhance the audience experience in the corporate space. In all of the content, you’ll find flexible delivery options, various size formats and frequent refresh rates so your screens are always fresh and audiences are always kept in the loop. If you can’t pick just one for your screens, check out the 3-pak, 6-pak and Content Pass bundles available!

Superior Support, Whenever You Need It

Whether you have a question about content, set-up, your account or anything else, the Screenfeed support team will be there to get you the answers you’re looking for. You can get in touch with our support team via a phone call or by submitting a ticket here. A support team member will get back to you shortly during regular business hours!

Works With Your Choice Of Software

Screenfeed digital signage content will work with whichever software you choose to use so you can easily manage your playlists. As experts in content delivery, we are able to deliver content for you regardless of the software you use. We're always here to work with you to provide the best delivery method available with the goal of making content delivery an automated process, so you can set it and forget it. See our full list of supported software here.